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Outgoings / expenses

Outgoings to remain outstanding after the mortgage completes.  
  • Other significant outgoings are outgoings that you could not or would not stop paying to reduce your expenditure, including service charges, factor fees & ground rent.
  • In the monthly school/nursery/childcare fees box, please include the amount of childcare vouchers shown on your payslip, plus any additional amount you pay directly.
  • Monthly mortgage payments unless the mortgage is being repaid, or the mortgaged property is let or you plan to let.
  • If you regularly use one or more overdrafts please tell us the maximum amount you have been overdrawn by in the last 3 months.

Please exclude:

  • general outgoings e.g. food, petrol, insurance, council tax and utilitiy bills
  • mortgage payments if the mortgage will be repaid before the new one starts
  • mortgage payments if the property has been let for more than 6 months and the rent received is at least 50% higher than the mortgage payment

Outgoings to be repaid when the mortgage completes.

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