Who should use this form?

Existing Tracker Customers: If your mortgage tracks the Bank of England Base Rate you can use this form to request your monthly payment is updated following the recent change in the Base Rate.

Existing Standard Variable Rate Customers: If we have announced a change to our Standard Variable Rate and you would like for your monthly payment to be updated please complete this form.

    For us to change your payment:

  •    You must have an existing mortgage with us
  •    Your mortgage must have a variable interest rate (Base Rate Tracker or Standard Variable Rate*)
  •    You must be happy for us to update your monthly payment from the next collection date

*Please ensure our Standard Variable Rate has changed before completing this form.

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Submit your request

I can confirm I am a named party to the above mortgage account and I understand by submitting this request my monthly payment will be updated at the earliest opportunity to take into consideration the new interest rate chargeable to my account following the recent change to the Bank of England Base Rate.

Once we have updated your monthly payment we will write to you confirming your new payment amount and the date this takes effect.